Are You "RANDY" Baby??????????????

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Are You "RANDY" Baby?????????????? Empty Are You "RANDY" Baby??????????????

Post  RandyOne on Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:16 pm

Well I "am" Randy by name and nature, lol. Anyway I'm from Chicago but currently living in Queens, NY. I just graduated the end of the summer of 09' with a bachelors degree in Architecture and desperately seeking employment (so if anyone has friends or family in my field hook me up). Before I played PWI I played a game called Conquer Online, another free to play game, but spent almost $3,000 in 2 years and had enough of that nonsense. Im still a little noobish in PvP but Im learning the ropes. If anyone needs help with anything just pm me and if i have time to help I will. I also have a lvl 63 sin named //TeKton\\ so if I dont respond on my wiz you can try me there also.

P.S. I heard Boogr likes to have sex with Hoover vacuum cleaners----------------jK lol! jocolor lol!

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