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Post  BlessOfDeath on Sat Jun 12, 2010 8:20 pm

Regardless of any class the armor weakness goes like this
Heavy Armor-Magic
Light armor-Physical
Arcane armor-Physical

In tw, 80% of people will be wearing as followed
Cleric: arcane (sometimes light armor) weakness:physical
archer: Light (sometimes Heavy) weakness: Physical/magic ratio of 3:2
BM: Heavy (sometimes light) weakness: Magic
Mage: Arcane (sometimes light) weakness:Physical
venos: Varies(Mostly arcane) weakness: Physical/Magic ratio 2:1
Barbs: Heavy (most of the time) weakness: magic
Psychic : Arcane (rarely light) weakness: physical
Sin: Light (sometimes heavy) weakness magic:physical ratio 4:3

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