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Ok here are the basics for those not use to doing delta. You will need:
6 Players all between level 86 and 105
6 Rebirth Delta orders (1 per person, you make these from duty badges from kathru pups)
Everyone on Ventrilo or TeamSpeak – No VoIP = FAIL
At least 4 Anti stun pots per person (Vacuity Recommended, However lower lv 4 pots will do)
Event Food, HP, Mana and Elixir Pots – Highest Possible for your level
At least 10 Teleport incense (for those doing Happy Valley Ticket Runs)
All equipment repaired
Archer (HP, MP gold / silver),
Wizard (HP only bronze, silver or gold),
Blade Master (HP silver of gold),
Barbarian (HP, Gold or Plat),
Cleric (HP Silver or Gold),
Venomancer (HP Only Bronze, Silver or Gold) and Finally

A little bit of luck!

Squad Builds:

Rainbow Squad:
The most common squad build is a rainbow squad. This means one of each class (Blade Master, Wizard, Barbarian, Venomancer, Archer and Cleric. If the BM has lead this also means you can get the bonus beans from Ms. Jofeng for the beginning and end of rounds 1 and 2. This is the most common type of squad and each class has its own role.

Non Standard Squad:
Every Delta Squad must possess the following three classes: Cleric, Barbarian and Blade Master. Without these there is no chance to win. Wizard, Archer and Veno can all be dropped. A non standard squad should have at least 1 massive damage dealer, either the Wizard or Archer. This just means that the Barb will have to either bring the mobs in very close to the kill zone (Wizard) or keep them further away to maximise damage (archer).
The usual preference in non standard squad is 2 BM’s for stun lock or 2 Barbs for aggro shares. A triple BM squad has been successful before as this can lead to an almost permanent stun lock of the mobs, however in a triple BM squad the remaining member of the team should be an Archer not a wizard. This is due to flying mobs later.
Other combinations of non standard squad include double archer, 1 archer must be high HP, double wizard and double wizard/archer with an extra archer or wizard (replaces the Veno).

Tideborn Rebirth
According to sources at Nefarious, Legendary and Regicide this has been tried. As of yet there is no solution to how a Assassin or a Psychic could be successfully employed in a Rebirth Gamma or Delta.

Roles in the Squad:

BM –Aggro controller. The BM’s role is to control with the Barbarian aggro of mobs. This allows the barb to move more freely and keeps large numbers of enemy away from the wizard, archer and cleric. Due to this roles requirements the BM must have the alpha male skill on their Genie and their aggro skills as high as possible / maxed. The BM will also DD’ mobs and will help to protect other classes, namely the archer and wizard.
Most BM’s who do delta have both Pole arm and axe skills. The use of Heavens Flame when mobs are packed in the kill zone makes life a lot easier. RB Delta is near impossible without this class simply due to the need for the Physical Defence buff. Finally the BM should always have one aggro skill ready for when “Wave Incoming!” is called out, this enables to the Barb to leave the kill zone without the mobs trailing him.
In a rainbow squad the BM will lead to team. The BM will take the quest for Rebirth as well as any bonus beans, acquire the happy valley tickets and manage the aura. This is a quite demanding role so listen to what your members tell you, they may need something specifically done. This is usually in relation to aura or ticket runs.
In multi BM squad the BM’s role is still aggro control and stun lock. In round 1 and 2 the BM will usually replace the Venomancer as the ticket runner. At later stages they will return to help damage deal and to stun / aggro lock mobs. If done well with good timing and coordination this is extremely effective.

Wizard – Massive Damage Dealer (Close Range). The wizards’ main role in Delta is to survive, no that is not a joke. The wizard as before in Gamma will deliver massive magic fire damage in the form of the Dragons Breath skill. The side effect of this is that the wizard often gets a lot of aggro. Survivability of Wizards is already an issue so the key is to work with the Barb and BM to keep as much aggro off you as possible. The two main types of wizards will affect how the auras are set, explained later.
A key point in the wizard’s role is knowing when to drop the AOE and run, this takes practice. Furthermore with regards to weapon, if the wizard is Pure Magic and Arcane you should use a less powerful weapon, TT80 is a good benchmark. This allows enough damage to be dealt without getting aggro non-stop. Against the bosses focus on using your undine strike debuff in between casts. Also time your heavy nukes e.g. Blade Tempest, Black Ice Dragon, Emberstorm and Mountain Seize to the Blade Masters Heavens Flame, the damage amplification is massive. Wizards can be dropped from the team for a BM in a non rainbow squad.

Barbarian – Tank. Barbarians role is simple but complex. A nice contradiction but realistic. The Barbarian provides the HP and P-Dmg boost buffs. During each wave the Barbarian will go out meet and gather the mobs of the wave into a nice ball shape. Then bring them back to the aoe kill zone. This requires good timing on aggro skills, so practice is needed with cool downs. Alpha male on genie, like BM, is also required. The role is a “meet and greet” one this means unfortunately that the Barb will go through HP charms very fast, as well as anti stun pots on certain rounds. Once the mobs are delivered into the aoe kill zone the Barb will work with the BM to keep large aggro away from the cleric, wizard and archer.
In the team speak the Barbarian should carefully listen for the “Wave Incoming!” call at which point the BM should alpha male the mobs and the Barbarian can collect the next wave. As the Barbarian can be caught in a stun lock the Barb shouldn’t leave the sight of the rest of the team. On wave 5 of each round (after round 3) the Veno will accompany the Barbarian in order to kite the boss away from the aoe team. The Barb must gain full aggro prior to the Veno arriving.

Venomancer – Support / Kite. Venomancers role is most diverse. The main job of the Venomancer is supporting the Wizard and Cleric after round 2 and prior to that performing the Happy Valley Ticket runs. In the early stages the Venomancer will receive from another player the happy valley tickets. Go through the portal near the aura NPC’s and talk to the old man at the bottom of the hill to start the timed run.
The key skills here for the Veno are the summer sprint and Holy path on genie, using charger orbs may also help. The Veno will go through and talk to each NPC on the way to the final one (5) on the last room. Once done use the teleport stones. Incense to return to the start. Then start the next run. The Veno should aim to have completed all the runs before the 2 bosses arrive at Round 2. After runs if there is time remaining some Veno’s use this time to kill some mobs which drop beans in the final few rooms. This helps the team later during the round 2 boss. This take good timing and practice though.
The Veno will also tank both bosses in Round two. The idea here is for the Veno to take as long of the 10 mins allowed as possible to buy time for the other 5 players to go dig bean chests and kill bean mobs. After round 2 the role changed to supporting the main kill team. The use of parasitic nova helps alot as well as mass stun. The Veno may be asked to assist the cleric wizard or archer if there are some awkward mobs on them, e.g. increased life, increased defence, magic resist, fire resist.
From round 3 onwards on wave 5 the Venomancer must full behind the Barb to the next wave, the Veno must not engage any mob though. The Veno will go up to a small area ahead of the main valley and Wait for the Boss. When the Boss arrives the Veno will use the Hercules and attack to gain aggro. At no point must the Boss be allowed near the AOE team. The reason is simple, all bosses from round 3 onwards have an AOE stun, sleep, silence, interrupt skills which will shut down Arrow Barrage, Dragons Breath and Regeneration Aura. If you lose aggro pursue the boss and try get it back. If you die, it does happen, and you’re not in 1K Stream City, warn the team so another person can try kite the boss away, usually the BM or Barb. The Veno can be dropped for a second BM in a non rainbow squad.

Archer – Massive Damager Dealer (Ranged). The Archers’ role is similar to the wizards’ massive damage. You need your arrow barrage as high as possible and alot of ammo. The main difference between the archer and wizard is that the Archer needs to focus on mobs which are out of the aoe range or problem mobs. A good tip at Wave 1 of each round is to sharp tooth mobs before starting your arrow barrage.
The barrage should at first focus on targets the Wizard can’t hit such as flying targets and archers at the back of the valley. These are a priority and you will be given, usually, an increased life mob to target first. Once long range targets are dead move on to those close to you and the wizard. The main issue for the Archer is that Arrow Barrage consumes alot of chi and alot of mana, even with the mana auras you will need a gold MP charm for the delta. The chi aura is normally set to level 1 after round 1 and won’t go up again till round 5 or 6. If you arrow barrage is stopped and you need chi, request helping hand from the Veno, use a Jade Spark apoth or manually target and destroy any problem mobs nearby. The archer can be dropped for a BM or Barb in a non standard Delta.

Cleric – Healer. The clerics role is far more simple, buff the team after each round, tank the 1st boss long enough for the team to dig chests in room 1 and blue bubble the entire Rebirth. The Cleric will stand behind the wizard for the entire RB and the Archer to the right of you slightly up the hill. Your role here is survival. Boss 1 you tank by self healing till there is 2 minutes left to go before the destroyer arrives. During Boss 2 you will go with the rest of the team to dig chests. The key role for the cleric is just to live, you can ask for help if you get aggro and also help direct team members to potential problems, i.e. a mob out of the aoe kill zone.
The cleric will normally count each wave as it arrives in each round and state this is squad chat. This is to help keep track of waves so the Veno and Barb know when to intercept the boss. Also some clerics keep track of timing. Certain events happen at certain times e.g. Boss 1, 10 minute timer starts at 4 hrs 44 minutes and 40 seconds. This helps reduce the burden on the rest of the team. After that you job is to self heal with pots and keep the Regeneration Aura aka Blue Bubble up. Like the Archer it is recommended for a Cleric to have 1 or 2 spark apoths available during a Delta in case the Bubble drops due to stun and you lack the sparks to recast.

The Auras and Bonus Beans

The auras give an added bonus to the squad these are cast every few seconds by hidden NPC’s near the eye. In a rainbow squad the AOE team must NOT AT ANY POINT in round 1 and 2 have the aoe near the eye. This will kill the hidden NPC’s and result in the loss of future bonus beans. Bonus beans are available at:

Round 1: Start
Round 1: On arrival of the boss
Round 2: Start
Round 2: Arrival of boss

In order for the BM to receive the bonus bean all 6 members must be close to Ms Jofeng when the quest is taken. This can be a problem if the Venomancer is still performing ticket runs. Good communication is required between the team in round 1 and 2 so the Venomancer can time the runs to return in time for bonus beans.
The auras are set by 5 NPC’s near the portal to the bean room. Taking to each one will give a quest to upgrade that NPC’s aura. This requires a certain number of celebeans. The Aura’s are HP, Defence (Physical), Attack (Magic and Physical), Chi and Mana.
The correct order to set in a normal (Rainbow with bonus beans and a Light Armor Wizard) RB Delta is as follows:
Round 1 Start: Mana
Round 1 End: HP, Attack, Defence
Round 2 Start: Chi
Round 2 End: HP, Attack, Defence
Then upgrade HP, Attack and Defence as beans allow until all are maxed, at round 6 however get Chi up to level 2 at least for the Archer.

There is one exception to this rule. If you have an Arcane wizard. The first Aura to set should be Defence. This is to prevent the wizard being swatted dead straight to 1k Streams City. Get permission from the whole team first though. If you set defence first then the first round you need MP charms or to pots the whole round and the order changes to:

Round 1 Start: Defence
Round 1 End: HP, Attack, Mana
Round 2 Start: Chi
Round 2 End: HP, Attack, Defence

For non standard teams the aura settings will be done slower due to lack of bonus beans but should follow the normal pattern.


The formation of the team is important. Unlike Gamma, Delta requires the team to be based at the neck of the valley not too far from the auras at the eye but, far enough away to not hit the bonus bean NPC’s. The purpose here is to do as much damage as fast as possible to as many as possible. That is why the team needs to be in the narrow valley. The wizard and archer aoe hit the most mobs and the BM stuns hit 90-100% of the targets. The front of the team should be the Barb ready to intercept the mobs, behind him the BM at stun on arrival. The main kill zone has the wizard at the front the cleric 6-10 steps behind and the archer to the right of the cleric, slightly up the mountainside. This gives the archer and cleric the distance away from the mobs and give the wizard mass access to the mobs.

The Delta Rounds

This is a short summary of key things in Rebirth Delta. There is too much to list so only key points are noted, and you should be aware that no 2 Delta’s are ever the same, alot depends on luck.

Round 1
Summary: A basic mixture of p dmg close range mobs with some ranged. The key here is not to let the boss at round 5 die in the aoe or it causes problems for the chest digging.
Wave 3 contains some sleepers, however they have a low success rate but still Barbs should be careful

Round 2
Summary: Again a mixture of different mobs, most do little damage. Keep larger numbers away from the wizard though.
Wave 5: Regular and Fire resist mobs. Wizard should shut down Dragons Breath and fight manually with water or Earth.

Round 3
Summary: Not too bad but if you get alot of sleeper and stunners on waves 3 and 4 your will have issues.
Wave 3: Sleepers. These need to die fast. Look for any mobs classed as “Sorcerer”, these possess the ability. Success rate for sleep by these mobs is low but don’t take chances.
Wave 4: Stunner Advisors, kill these immediately if you don’t and they get to the cleric you’re in big trouble. Also don’t let the other mobs gather on the wizard, this is another way to fail as these mobs don’t like that fire damage

Round 4
Summary: Pretty easy mostly physical damage mobs keep them off the wizard, archer and cleric and your fine.
Wave 2: Occasionally some fire resist mobs. Not usually many though keep Dragons Breath up.

Round 5
Summary: Rattus type p dmg mobs. Keep these off the wizard.
Wave 3: Large wave who seem to dislike wizards, aggro control needed here.
Wave 4: As above

Round 6
Summary: Archer waves
Wave 2: For some reason these archers tend to start targeting the cleric. BM and Barb need to get aggro off them and get these into the kill zone aoe fast. Archer battle alone isn’t enough.
Wave 4: Like wave 2 but even worse. Stun often and get them into the kill zone. This is a good place for the Veno to start aoe stuns on a regular basis. Any plus life mobs are top priority

Round 7
Summary: A wide assortment of mobs generally speaking this round isn’t too bad but be on your toes.
Wave 5: Pot time, these mobs hit very hard arcane / light armor beware.

Round 8
Summary: A mixed bag of mobs, the real danger is from glitches not mobs. Flying mobs are priority number 1.
Wave 3: First of the flying mobs have the Archer deal with them at first, if they pose a problem get them in the fire aoe and have the Hercules pound them too.
Wave 4: More flying mobs, rinse and repeat as above.
Wave 5: Again flying mobs these are a massive problem and are the utter priority, if these glitch they will get to the Harpy and your basically screwed.

Round 9
Summary: This is painful, you need to pot almost all the way through this. Have vac powder on standby for wave 3 and 4.
Wave 1: A mixture of Green and Oranges Hercules style mobs. The green ones need to die fast or they can kill the Barb/BM. Just get these into the fire/arrow aoes asap
Wave 2: Florafang Flower mobs, low threat get them into aoe and your fine until . . .
Wave 3: This is HELLISH! There are a mixture of stunner mobs here mixed in with tree mobs. The tree mobs however are so large they block your ability to see properly or target. Hit a vac at the start of this wave, pot and pray like hell they die fast. If not your get a nasty double wave with . . .
Wave 4: Hard hitting p dmg mobs with even more advisor type stunners. Stunners are priority one, rest can wait. If you survive your onto
Wave 5: Rather nasty bunch of metal damage mobs with the boss, not to hard Barb should take magic dmg reduction charm now and pots.

Round 10
Summary: Final Boss, grats you made it. Ok this is simple have the barb tank it and cleric heal, rest FIRE AT WILL, also shoot the boss, LOL!

Spirit Cultivation

Various Quests require you to do Delta for spirit or chrono culti. You don’t need do anything special just follow the quests advice. There is one except to this the level 100 cultivation. The links for these spirit cultivation quests are here:

Sage :

The celes lord to which these guides refer too and the other materials and stone are all through the port. The area where you dug the beans in room 1 and 3 of the bean run is where it refers to. The stone and the ores to dig are in room 3. The bosses (celeslords) are in the main bean room. Use the totems at either side of the forges to activate the quests. The bosses will appear near the Iced Tower. These are pretty easy bosses, just have the Barb tank and cleric heal like any normal boss.

RB Delta Map


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