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Gods Rebirth - The Total Guide

Version 0.9

1. Introduction
2. Goals and basics
3. Getting ready
4. Squads, classes, and builds
5. Roles
6. Positioning
7. Stages
8. Myths, rumors, and bugs

1. Introduction

This guide was originally posted on forum of guilds Insane and Faith, and this is translation. Note: There might be some differences because PWI server is a slightly different software version(may need some correction). Although some guides were already made, none of them can give you all the answers. In this guide we will try to do so. It was written to help those that want to try God's Rebirth, but the information might be handy for everyone.

2. Goals and basics

Why go there? For EXP of course! For the fastest EXP for levels 71-85! Reward for completing Gods Rebirth is almost 2 mil EXP (although i'm pretty sure it's level based, anyways it's really a lot). It takes about three hours to do a full run.
How does it work? Get a full squad (6 people) of 71-85 level and gather at the Spiritual Disciple in one of the major cities (Archosaur 571, 646; Dreamweaver Port 661, 376; Thousands Streams 131, 857). Squad leader talks to the Spiritual Disciple then the squad is teleported to the special instance where the leader should activate another quest. The leader will need six Rebirth Orders Gamma (one for each squad member). Right after the activation of the main quest, show begins. The goal is to defend a NPC - Harpy Wraith that's located behind you from the monsters. First wave comes in 30 seconds and you meet them at the entrance to the valley. Monsters come in waves. Each wave brings mobs of one element in this order: Metal, Wood, Earth, Water, Fire. After the fifth wave of mobs a boss will come. To make things easier lets call these five waves + boss - a Stage. We have nine Stages. You will get EXP after each stage(after the boss is killed). Ordinary mobs there give 1 EXP 1 SP. To help the squad in the fight the leader can set bonus Aura's. Next to the quest NPC there are five Revelation NPC's, each of them can set an aura (around Holy Eye at the canyon's entrance) according to it's name: increased HP regen, MP regen, Chi regen, Defense, or Attack. The aura's also effect Venomancer pets. Setting aura's costs some beans (sort of local currency ) which is acquired by doing quests, from chests in non-battle area, for killing mobs in non-battle area, and from killing bosses. Each level (there are 6 of them) of an aura increases it's efficiency and costs more beans. A bit more about aura's and the order to set them in section 8. The mission is accomplished when the 9th (last) boss dies. EXP will be rewarded after each boss, each giving more EXP than the last, so even if you can't do a full run you will be rewarded.

Nice bonuses:
-Mirage celestones, Arcane Book fragments, level eight soulgems, and of course some pretty shiny coins.
-No EXP loss if you die
-Venomancer pets can level there
-PK'ers can get rid of their red names faster

3. Getting ready

You have to prepare yourself before you go to war, even before you gather people for your squad. So lets see what you'll need there.

Each squad member must have these items:
a) HP potions and Elixirs of your level( red and purple pots level 70 or 80)
b) Charms. HP charms on all squad members. MP charms for cleric, wizard, and archers
c) It is strongly recommended for archers to bring some MP pots. There are some mana draining mobs that can cancel archers AoE.
d) Venos and Barbs have to get some Teleport Incenses (boutique item, 10 silver) to return to the respawn point after quests (7-8 items) and opening chests (1-2 items)
e) Wizards and clerics are advised to have magic attack charms. They're really helpful on the double wave
f) For archers - Ammo!!!

Now about Remedies:
a) Archer, wizard, and cleric must have Dew of God Protection (absorbs 3000 damage for 30 seconds) to be used before the double wave
b) Barb and BM must have some defensive items. The main one is Tranquilizing Orb (8 seconds of invulnerability). For less dangerous situations Dew of Star Protection (greatly reduces all damage for 20 seconds).
c) Chi: There are two options here. Golden Jade (100 chi = 1 spark) or God's Tea (150 chi = 1.5 sparks)
d) Not that important but it's recommended for Barbs and BM to get some Nature Powder (immune to stun for 12 seconds) or Vacuity Powder (immune to stun for 20 seconds) for the last boss.
Oh, and don't forget about Rebirth Orders Gamma . You can get them at the Spiritual Disciple by trading your Duty Badges.

A few more notes before you start.
1. Make sure you have enough time. A full run takes about three hours of non-stop action so..
2. Eat, drink, smoke, turn off your phone, take your dog out, and visit the toilet yourself because you can not pause Rebirth. Later when you're more familiar with Gods Rebirth you will know when you can take a little break and when you can't.
3. If you make the bonus squad (barb, bm, archer, cleric, wiz, veno) make the BM the squad leader. This may help to avoid the glitch when you can't get your bonus beans.
4. Repair your equipment. You can do it inside but you might not live long enough to do it if your armor breaks in the middle of a fight
5. Get a voice chat. It might be either Ventrilo or Team Speak.

4. Squads, classes, and builds

One of the essential parts of this guide. We will aim to make a full run, mainly because a squad that can do a full run can make it beyond the double wave, where chances for a random squad to do it are close to zero. Let's see which classes/builds are good for Gods Rebirth.

Cleric: Either pure mag or mag/vit hybrid. Light armor is better at the beginning (especially if you have inexperienced barb and BM) because there are plenty of physical mobs in the first stages. During later stages light armor can be at least as good as other builds if you have really good equipment refined and sharded. For pure mag builds things are hard all the way (manly because of lack of HP). Hp shards in equipment is strongly recommended for pure mag builds.
Skills: Regeneration Aura - max, Purify 5+ if you have one DD and 7+ if you have two DDs to take care of at the end of the second Stage, Squad buffs - max, and max heals of course.

Venomancer: Any build works. Herc is recommended. Build doesn't matter as veno's are not required to do damage (would be nice to do some though) and Amplify Damage or Befudding Mist can be used by any build. Veno's also don't take much damage though sometimes die from AoE at the last boss, trying to cast Amplify Damage.
Skills: Parasitic Nova - the higher the better as paralysis time increases, Befudding Mist -lvl 10, Amplify Damage - lvl 10, Bramble Guard, Summer Sprint, and Soul Transfusion.

Wizards: Any build. Almost the same as cleric but since wizards get hit more it's hard for an arcane build, high level hp shards may help, but that's why light armor builds are preferred. Of course quality of equipment and refining is crucial. It's good for light armor builds to have their weapon refined +4 at least.
Skills: All basic single target spells for bosses, Dragons Breath - max, Fire Mastery - max, Stone Barrier - max, Black Ice Dragon Strike - might be useful against fire mobs.

Barbarian: Heavy pure tanks only. Classic tank with max hp and max defense. Need at least 10k hp.
Skills: Flesh Ream - max, Alacrity of the beast - to cancel bosses AoE, Talk is Cheap, HP and Attack buff - max, Slam - to push mobs into mages AoE, Sunder - max recommended.

Blademaster: Heavy axe/polearm build. Axe BM is required because they have higher DPS and stun skills(which are agro too). Amount of HP is vital. You don't want to die after using mass agro skill, right? Polearm BMs are good at moving mobs inside mages AoE. Unfortunately Polearm BM can't replace Axe so only if they're the second BM in the squad. Fists/claws BMs are useless in Gods Rebirth. Swords can also be the second BM in the squad. Myriad Sword Stance may help sometimes.
Skills: Heaven's Flame - BMs main skill here so - max, all other Axe AoE skills, Atmos Strike (sword skill) and Meteor Rush (polearm skill) needed to push mobs into AoE - 1 lvl at least, Axe Mastery - max, Golden Bell - max, Will of Bodhisatva would be nice for the last boss. Put sword, polearm, and Axe in skill bar to switch quickly between weapons.

Archer: Light Armor. Pure dex is welcomed but vit/dex hybrid works as well. Equipment should have hp gems and the weapon should be refined. Remember that Archer is the main DD there so you can draw your own conclusions...
Skills: Bow Mastery - max, Sharpened Tooth Arrow for the last boss - the higher the better, Barrage of Arrows - at least level 6, better to make it higher but keep in mind that higher levels will drain more MP, and at level 7+ two MP regen Auras might not be enough.

Common squads:

Cleric, BM, Archer, Barb, Veno, Wizard: Classical bonus party. Besides almost perfect balance this squad gets a bonus of 600 beans at the start which allows you to get one Aura. Usually MP regen to save charms but it depends on the squad. This squad has a chance to complete Gods Rebirth at 75+ and at 80+ it shouldn't have any problems. You will get all beans and finish all quests before you kill the Stage 2 boss, thanks to the Veno.

Cleric, BM, Archer, Barb, BM/Barb, Archer: One of the strongest squads. You won't get any bonus' at the beginning but even at level 71 this squad has a chance to complete the mission. Squad does higher DPS than a squad with wizards and the backup of two Barbs or BMs helps to avoid many deaths. Beans and quests usually finished by stage 3 or 4.

Cleric, BM, Archer, Barb, Wiz/Archer, Archer: Another strong squad build. High DPS and survivability at lower levels.

Cleric, BM, Archer, Barb, Cleric, Wiz/Archer: Two clerics party is exotic but can complete it as well.

Cleric, Archer, Barb, Wiz/Archer, Veno, Veno: Another exotic build.

To simplify squad builds and avoid writing every single squad build here. Every squad should have at least two DDs(Wiz, Arc; or Arc, Arc). Never take two Wiz as the only DDs in the squad. Chances to get past Stage 1 is almost zero (depends on level and equips tho). Also don't try to make a squad without a cleric, Barb, BM, or Archer.

5. Roles

In this chapter we will talk about each squad members role.

Wizard: Main Goal - Keep Dragons Breath. Since Wiz stand at the front line they take a lot of damage (if Barbs/BMs are inexperienced). At the first boss wizards and some other squad members go to open chests in the first rooms. Sometimes they have to do it at the second boss too. At the second boss wizards can stay with the cleric to tank the boss. In all other cases Wiz is pure DD.

Archer: Main Goal - Barrage of Arrows and Sharp Tooth Arrow on bosses(if needed). At the second boss Archer stays with Cleric to tank and do damage. Same as Wiz - pure DD.

Clerics: Main Goal - Regeneration Aura (blue bubble). BB should be started before mobs reach Holy Eye. Cleric will solo tank first boss, heal and purify DDs at second boss, and purify the tank at other bosses. May cast def/mdef debuffs on bosses.

BM: Use Heaven's Flame, mass stun/agro taking them from DDs and saving their asses (that's why BMs need tons of HP). At 1-2 waves (if Barb went to do quests) BM should push mobs into the AoE using sword or polearm skills. Squad leader is usually BM, Barb, or Veno(rare case). In the bonus squad BM has to be the leader to get the reward. You can pass the lead after getting the reward though. As a squad leader BM will set Auras so give all beans to him/her. At the last boss BM does melee damage with Barb. Also if the squad isn't the bonus squad BMs help archer to start AoE.

Barb: Do most of the work (as always ). Common duty for barbs - to do the quests. Quests can be done after the second wave of Stage 1. Expert tank does 5 quests in Stage 1 and comes back when the boss is about to die. Right after the bosses death barb goes to finish remaining quests and from the middle of Stage 2 works with the squad. Main goal - mass agro and tanking dozens of mobs (pot/apoth required!). Barb tanks some bosses. Goal 2 - Push mobs inside AoE using Slam. Both tasks are very difficult and require constant attention, thus no chances to go AFK. Often Barbs are squad leaders.

Veno: A lot of work at the beginning. Usually Veno goes to the far (4th) room to open chests while having the pet kill mobs there. At Stage 2 Veno clears the third room and helps the squad clear room one (at the boss). After that Veno stays with the squad casting Parasitic Nova and Befudding Mist(carefull as range is minimal). Veno's do not tank bosses even with Herc becuase it's a very unreliable method. Veno's can use pets to help kill bosses with skills turned off to avoid stealing agro. Veno also uses Amplify Damage and Pdef debuff. At the last boss it is recommended that the veno has Herc. If the Veno doesn't have Herc the squads damage might not be enough to kill the boss (Hercs Bramble hood helps lower level squad a lot).

6. Positioning

You will start next to the NPC that gives the main quest - Messenger:Metal.

The leader should accept the quest. Then the five Aura NPCs will appear.

Another NPC, named Crisium:Jofeng will appear next to these five, this NPC gives the beans to the bonus squad. The big NPC up on the hill - Harpy Wraith is the one you have to protect.

Behind the Harpy Wraith there is a portal that leads to the non-battle area of the instance. There are rooms with chests, some mobs, and quest NPCs here. There are also two forges in the non-battle area where you can craft Tomes, buy pots (max lvl 60), and repair equipment. To return to the battle area you talk to one of the pillars beside the respawn point. One pillar takes you out of Gods Rebirth and one takes you to the battle area(attention! you have to choose the proper level range 70-85). Remember town portal and Teleport incensce will take you to the respawn point in the non-battle area. Those who have their graphics set on high will see a pillar of light at the entrance to the valley.

This is where Auras will be set and where your squad will fight (and probably die *evil grin*). Wider view of the valley

We will use the bonus squad for the example for this guide. The picture below shows one of the possible dispositions:

This is just one of many variants but it was tested and approved as a working one. As you can see Wiz stands right inside the pillar. On the edge of his AoE stands the cleric (in this particular picture cleric stands one step closer to wiz than he should... maybe he was drunk ), Archer stands behind the cleric, Bm stands at the same spot as Wiz, Barb at the left (or right) side, and Veno is just wandering behind the Archer or making bbq or whatever she wants so all squad members are inside cleric's BB range and mobs rush right into the Wiz/Archer AoE. Barb takes care of those that don't want to go into the AoE by using slam to push them. Wiz, Archer, and BM set Holy Eye as target about 80% of the time. Wizard and Archer start their AoE on the Eye. If it's Archer, Archer squad then everyone moves a bit forward. Cleric stands between archers. Cleric and Archers stand closer together than in the previous disposition. Barb and BM should be careful to stay in Auras/Cleric range.

7. Stages

Now a few words about each stage. The description won't be too detaild because your own experience is the best guide.

Stage 1
Before you start make sure everyone has two sparks and all buffs. Now activate the quest and get your bonus beans. The squad leader will set the first Aura. Usually MP regen is first but if your squad is rather weak and you don't care much about your MP charm you can set Attack Aura (increases magic attack of the cleric and hence efficiency of his/her BB). Tip: to set an Aura the squad leader talks to the NPC, gets the quest, and then talks to the NPC again.
All squad members except the Veno will go to the light pillar and take their positions. The Holy Eye deals 1 damage from time to time (you can see it on the picture above) which allows you to target it. The first squad member that gets it targeted lets the squad know so that Archer and Wizard can assist target the Eye and start their AoE. If your squad isn't the bonus squad you don't get the Eye. If this is the case Archer can start his Barrage on BM (to do so kick the BM out of squad and reinvite once AoE is started). Cleric starts the bubble. BM builds chi attacking the Eye and uses AoE skills on mobs when they come. Keep an eye on the DDs and help them by using AoE stun and agro skills.
At this time the Veno will go through the portal to the farthest (4th) room in non-battle area to open chests and kill mobs. If you don't have a Veno it could be BM, Barb, or the third DD (depends on the spare squad member you have). First mobs arrive. They are weak at the beginning and use only physical attacks. Barb (or another squad member appointed to do quests) stays with the second wave of mobs is eliminated. After the second wave the Quester goes to do his job and only four members stay to kill mobs. Again, if your squad is weak, the Quester can stay with the squad and do quests while the others kill bosses but this way will take much more time to finish with quests, chests, mobs, beans (for a few Stages maybe).
The first quest NPC is right next to the spawn point. He will give a quest a few seconds after the second wave mobs (trees) are killed. Other quest NPCs are further by the road. There is one tricky moment in getting to them, jumping on small islets to get past the abyss. It only seems hard at the beginning and video shows how to do it . After you talk to the last quest NPC use town portal or teleport incense to get to the spawn point. Talk to the first NPC to finish the quest and take the next one. Run again. You can watch the full quest run on this video.

During Stage 1 (including time to kill the boss) Quester should be able to finish five quests (pro's can do six ). In that time the Veno should have cleaned the fourth room.
The people killing mobs shouldn't have any trouble until the fifth wave. This wave may be tough for beginners because the mobs are fire element, hence much less damage from the wizard. If the cleric or archer steals agro the wizard should cancel Dragon's Breath and use Black Ice Dragon (or at least Hailstorm if its lvl is high enough). As the last monster dies all members except the cleric should run through the portal to open chests in the second room (near the abyss).
When the boss - Element Summoner appears on the map you have to watch the time because you only have 15 minutes to kill the bosses in Gods Rebirth. If you go over 15 minutes the mission is failed.
The cleric alone tanks the boss. Heal yourself and try to attack. Rare stuns from the boss shouldn't be a problem. Stay at Aura's range to keep your charm from ticking. Common sequence is heal, heal, attack, attack, repeat. The squad has 11-13 minutes to open chests and kill mobs. In that time the cleric should take off about 20-65% of the bosses HP. If the cleric needs help the Veno can help right after finishing with the fourth room. Herc can easily tank this boss at lvl 71.
When the 11-13 minutes are up call all squad members to the battle zone. You don't get EXP if you're not there when the boss dies. Full squad can finish the boss in 1-1.5 minutes. Rebuff when the boss is dead.
After the bosses death you will see six chests (one for each squad member), a mob named ---XXX--- > //God"s Bestowal// (haven't seen him yet, so will update name later), and one more chest behind it. Everyone goes to open their chests dropping beans on the ground while digging. The squad leader picks up the beans and goes to kill the God"s Bestowal (though anyone can kill it) and opens the last chest with beans. Now the squad leader sets Auras. Second level MP, first level chi, second level attack (or first level attack and first level defense). All other members run to the pillar and take their spots. After setting Auras the squad leader (if it's not a Barb(quester)) goes to the pillar too.

Edited bonus mob name

Stage 2
Veno now goes to collect chests in the third room. Barb goes to finish the last three quests. Only four members stay to kill mobs again. Tactics are the same but mobs are stronger now and magic attacks come more often. From time to time the BM has to move mobs inside the AoE. Another Fire wave might bring trouble but BM can use his/her AoE more often now thanks to the chi Aura. As the last fire mob dies fall back, the boss is coming Flashing Thunder. Often this is the last boss for inexperienced squads. Turn on your timers.
This time the cleric and archer will stay at the boss. If the archer is 80+ it's enough. If not it's good to have the wizard there but only if cleric has purify at 7+. DDs should keep the boss at max range while the cleric heals and purifies them from max range to avoid AoE damage. This boss has nasty debuffs that increase metal damage. The problem is that these debuffs stack making the damage go insanely high. Common tactics for the cleric here are: purify, iron heart, iron heart, repeat on second DD. Do this for about 10 minutes. When the bosses HP gets down to 5% or so one of the DDs should go through the portal to help with chests and mobs (don't take the boss with you! ). The other DD keeps tanking. When you're done with chests everyone goes to the battle and DDs finish the boss.
Once again you will get chests and a mob. Squad leader takes the beans and sets Auras. Defense if it isn't set yet, Attack, and HP regen. Don't raise MP regen past level two. Raise Chi Aura last because skills cooldown slower than the time needed to get enough chi to use them. Rebuff again.

Stage 3
By now you should have finished all quests, chests, and mobs (non-battle area). If so you can forget about the portal behind you except for the cases when you have to leave or repair equipment. If you still have something to do in the non-battle area the Veno goes to finish it (spare squad member in non-bonus squad).
Mobs should be easy now considering the barb works with the team now. Easy kills just don't forget to push mobs inside the AoE. Fire wave is quite easy too. Standard tactics for the thrid boss Life Defector. Barb tanks and cleric heals. This boss has some a spell for mass buff removal. Rebuff isn't necessary. Just give the Barb the defense buff. This boss also uses Bramble which means BM shouldn't use Heaven's Flame. Veno shouldn't use pets, only normal attacks, Amplify Damage, and Purge to remove Bramble. When the boss dies open chests and rebuff. Raise Attack Aura's level and if you have enough beans start to raise HP regen Aura. You can leave Defense at level one or raise it to level three there's not a big differance. All squad stays together so you won't need timer untill the last boss.

Stage 4
By now even the slowest squads should have finished all quests, chests, and mobs so the Veno stays with the squad and helps kill mobs, level 7+ Parasitic Nova works good). Mobs aren't too hard just keep in mind that each Stage brings tougher ones. You already have higher level Aura's so - easy.
Fourth boss Earthquaker has AoE sleep and defense debuff. Veno can use pets on this boss with a little risk as all squad members could fall asleep. One of the easiest bosses.

Stage 5
Now you have to pay more attention to the battle. Some mobs have Bramble (Cracking Lightning for example) so BM shouldn't use Heaven's Flame and other AoE skills. The fourth wave will bring horsemen. A tricky thing is that it's really hard to get them out of peaceful stance, in which mobs restore their HP. Hard to know if it's a bug or was intended to be that way. Veno with a pet can take care of them until the boss comes. If you're lucky horsemen will agro the cleric or wizard and will stand in AoE until death. Another effective way to agro the horsemen is a normal melee attack, doesn't matter which class but preferably one with higher accuracy, standing in front of the horse but not too close or it will just run away. After someone agroes a horseman the others use assist target and kill it. It was noted, but not confirmed, that horsemen agroed wizards more often if AoE was set right in the pillar. Maybe it was just coincidence.
Starting in this Stage you will see Aqua Wraiths which have the mana drain ability. Archers should pay attention to their MP to avoid the AoE being cancelled. Use MP pots if needed.
Fifth boss Aqua Source looks quite peaceful but can sometimes kill DD using it's physical and magical defensive debuffs. It doesn't have any special abilities. Barb tanks while cleric heals and purifies when needed. If you haven't killed all the horsemen yet do it now while killing the boss because they can be trouble during the next Stage. If someone needs repairs go to the forges. After bosses death rebuff. Max Attack Aura, raise HP regen, and raise Defense Aura (at least one level of Defense Aura is required).

Stage 6
Often the last Stage for many squads under 80 and some over 80 if they messed up . There nothing special at the beginning. The mobs are tough but easy to kill. After the second wave you will notice suspicious silence. Attention!!! Two waves of mobs are coming at the same time. As you killed the last mobs of the second wave the cleric and DDs should cancel their AoEs and use Dew of God Protection to absorb damage. Although the description says it lasts for 30 seconds it actually lasts about 180 seconds, note that this might be different for pwi. You may also want to use a Healing Orb, increases HP regen by 100 for 10 minutes. When that's done start the AoEs. BM waits until a large group of mobs gather together and takes agro by using AoE skills. A few seconds later Barb steals mobs by using Roar. Don't forget about Tranquilizing orbs, invulnerable for 8 seconds. Six seconds after Barbs mass agro Veno should cast Parasitic Nova. That gives the squad a few more seconds. Then again the BM uses stun skills. The whole squad spams pots, red and purple, non-stop (don't be shy ).
To be successfull, coordination of Veno, BM, and Barb actions is required. Voice chat! Not the text kind. Barb and BM should keep an eye on the cleric and DDs HP to see when to start their stun/agro cycle. Often one of the DDs will die here. There's a risk to be ported to Thousand Streams. Come back to the squad ASAP. Veno should use spark transfer and the DD can use chi pots as well. If you make it past the double wave you're more than half way to victory. If not, don't get upset, keep trying .
Don't relax after the double wave. Fire mobs are incoming. They can finish off your squad if not all of the double wave mobs are dead.
After all that the boss Flame Strength will look like a joke despite the fact that it comes with three Heaven's Judgments. On this boss the cleric should pay close attention to his/her BB. It might be canceled so reset it ASAP. Wizard and archers keep their AoE going. Barb tanks the boss while Veno Herc tanks and kills the Judgements. If there isn't a Veno or the Veno doesn't have Herc the Barb tanks the Judgements too. It takes 5-10 minutes to kill them. When that's done get the reward and rebuff. Leader should raise HP regen and Defense Aura's to max, and if there's enough left raise chi regen.

Stage 7
Take your spots ASAP the mobs in the first wave are fast. One of the waves will bring horsemen again. Use the same tactics as the last group. Veno's, at wood wave, try to use your Parasitic Nova on mobs without magic immunity or stun won't work. This boss - Shattered Soul is easy. The cleric can keep the BB up while the Barb tanks. At this time some items usually require repairs so you can go do it one at a time. This boss takes 7-10 minutes to kill. Rebuff and max all Auras.

Stage 8
The last Stage with normal mobs. The first wave are fast mobs again. You will see more Heaven's Judgements and horsemen. This boss - Broken Mind is easy. The barb tanks. This one is killed even faster than the previous one. Rebuff for the final boss.

Stage 9
The final boss - Element Lord is the second hardest moment in Gods Rebirth after the double wave. It has a huge amount of HP, short range physical AoE (deadly for robes and in some cases light armor builds). How to kill it? Barb and BM stay at the pillar while all others fall back towards the portal. When the boss comes the Barb takes agro. After a few seconds, to make sure the barb has agro, the BM starts his/her attacks. The most important thing is to keep the boss at the pillar. Auras help a lot, though charms will still tick. A bit later the DDs start their attacks. Archers use Sharpened Tooth Arrow taking off large amounts of HP. After the archer takes position at max range the cleric sets bubble at max range to heal the DDs. Wizard and Veno use their normal long ranged attacks to stay inside the BB AoE. Veno uses Herc on the boss. Auras will heal Herc too. If you have a brave light armor veno (not robe!!) in your squad she can Amplify Damage from time to time. Another important thing is for Barb and BM to use Vacuity Powder in rotation to avoid stuns, because this boss stuns very often. If they don't have powders then they should tell the squad when they're stunned so DDs can stop their attacks as they can easily steal agro and die. If it happens the barb should get the boss and take it back to the pillar ASAP when stun wears off. After stun is off DDs can resume their attacks. Note for DDs: remember that if you die you'll come back without Barbs HP buff so your chances of dieing again grow. Attack carefully so you don't steal agro and mess up all the squads work. Use damage absorbing meds if needed. At 50% HP it will be really had to take agro from the Barb so you can increase your DPS.

8. Myths, Rumors, and Bugs

The primary myth of Gods Rebirth is that Sharprned Tooth Arrow decreases exp from the last boss. There are no confirmations from any official or semi-official source. i.e. it is BS! Some believe it and some don't but don't make your life harder than it has to be .
Myth 2: After the boss is killed the squad leader has to kill ---xxx--- or no gems will drop. BS! Any squad member can kill it but it seems that standard drop rules apply. Don't kill it with Herc though or you may get no drops (that happened once).
There are a lot of bugs. Most disturbing one is that if you are killed inside you may be ported to Thousand Streams. It happens because of delays in damage calculating (lag) and you may take damage after you're ported to the safe zone after death. If you die in the safe zone you will respawn at Thousand Streams. Don't die when killing mobs for beans there! Ok, **** happens and you got ported to TS. Don't give up! Try to survive until the boss, if it's not the ninth boss where every second is priceless. You made it? Then you have two options. First one is if you're pretty far and you don't have to set Aura's anymore the squad leaves Gods Rebirth and gathers around the Spiritual Disciple at TS. Squad leader trashes all quests from Gods Rebirth and enters the instance again. Now you have no quests but the boss is alive and wandering the battle zone or killing NPC. If you made it fast you should have enough time to kill the boss. If you managed to do it, good for you. If not, submit a ticket about bugged Gods Rebirth to tech support (hahaha! good luck with that). Another way is a bit tricky but you can save quests meaning that you can set Auras later. So when someone got ported to TS you ask anyone 71-85 (from faction) to help get your member back. That person goes to TS and waits near the Spiritual Disciple. The other squad members, at the speed of light run to the portal and exit to TS, while the squad leader exits to Character selection screen (leader will exit from the squad too but that's what we want). Five squad members will gather at Spiritual Disciple and invite the helper to the squad. Then you enter Gods Rebirth, kick the helper, invite the leader, and transfer leadership back to the leader of course. The helper will exit from the instance or be ported out and you will keep all your quests. Everyone is happy if it works though there is no guarantee.
Another bug is when the squad leader doesn't get Diety Stone at the start. Solution: exit/re-enter.Original[url][/url]


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