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Post  BabyFoxy on Fri Mar 19, 2010 11:01 am

hmm so well, im from Brazil, im a girl and idk what to say :p
i've adopted some friends in pwi as part of my family, if anyone see Foxie (he quitted): yes HE was my mother.. and _Aman_ is my "wild" brother, MmmmmmFoxy must be some part of my family cuz she has the same name as me hehhee... Foxys ftw...
I like pwi, but its not my life, yes i do have a life xD
Im web designer in my free time, have a bf and im jobless atm ^^;
I have blacksmith 5, taylor 5 and craftsman 4, anyone that need that skills call me, im here to help *coughandwannalvlthemupcough*
oh and i have a cleric named BlindHuntres in NcN Smile


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