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Faction Rules and Regulations Empty Faction Rules and Regulations

Post  Lisitania on Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:22 pm

Guild Rules - These rules are provisional and will not go into effect until approved by the Faction Leader.

1) Be Active - Try to log into the game at least twice a week. If you will be inactive for extended periods of time, please tell any ranking officer so we can suspend faction dues and be sure not to delete you. Please try to level up as much as you can.

2) Leaving the guild- If you leave the guild more then 2 times, Please don't expect to be allowed back in without the permission of the guild leader.

3) Account Information -You are responsible for your own account information and actions. Do not give out your PW account information out. Any offensive behavior committed by your character is ultimately your responsibility regardless of who was logged in at the time. Always put passwords on your bank and your gold account. Do not hack.

4) Faction Website and Voice Chat
Each member is required to register on the forums and check periodically for news and updates.
Pots all information you think is useful in the forum. No offensive images or unnecessary messages
Teamspeak is provided for faction voice chat and all members are encouraged to log on and hang out. All higher level instances and quests such as rebirth and frost runs require that the team be able to communicate.

5) We are a friendly guild and pride ourselves on honor and integrity. This is NOT an RPK guild. You may however defend yourself at anytime. If pk'd by a faction on the allies or safelist do not engage in revenge killing. Please take a screenshot and post on the forums. The leaders will then talk to the guild involved and try to resolve things peacefully.

If you are pk'd repeatedly by an rpk guild we will try to help you but please understand that we are not all experienced pk'ers and cannot always help. High levels are subject to losing very expensive items or Guardian Scrolls every time they are pk'd.

If you hang out at known pk spots like west arch and lose items please do not come crying to the guild. Unless you have a quest in that area the only reason you are there is to pk and you willing take on the risks associated with that behavior.

Do not Spam World Chat for revenge when got Pk, you will be banished

6)Faction Chat - This is not a PG rated guild. Players are not required to censor their chat. We do ask however that if you are offended by anything in chat that you talk to the person in pm or discuss with a Faction Leader. Please do not argue in faction chat or bring others into your dispute. DO NOT CAP YOUR WORDS UNLESS ITS IMPORTANT

7) Faction Help -Always be helpful to other members and when asking for help, be patient. Each member has his or her own quests to do just like you and have a right to play their own game and not play yours. If you are doing a mob quest ask online players if they need the same mob. Try to join up with players your level and work together. Questing with a buddy is way more fun than questing alone. Many higher members do not have that many quests and would be happy to help you but please remember you will not get any experience from the kill. The best experience from killing mobs is when you kill them alone or with a player close to your level. Please thank the people helping you and consider the expenses they may have incurred helping. Barbs have high repair costs. Clerics often teleport to where you are to rez you faster. This is not to say that you should pay for help, just be appreciative and you will get help more often. Everyone likes to be told thank you.

Cool FB’s -Even though you may-be able to solo an fb please try to fill the squad. Everyone in the party who is the level of the fb or higher will receive reputation and experience. The tabber is expected to wine all fb's level 59 and above and gets all 3 star items and molds. if you cannot afford wines, please farm the mats. An unwined fb59 can take as long as 3 hours which is not fair on the players helping you with your fb. Farming the mats or grinding for drops to pay for the mats will take approx 1 hour. You do the math. Please make sure no-one dies. Do not be a hero and aggro every mob in the instance then cry if the cleric doesn't heal you. If you are the only cleric in the party and do not with to be the healer please drop out so another cleric can be invited. Tank please watch the clerics back. If you lose aggro on a mob and the cleric is healing you the mob will go after the cleric. Please make sure the tabber has the tabs before you go in and make sure they have all the quests they need and get everything done before you leave.

9) Bh's - Please try to find a party of people around your level who have the same bh. If the party is not full and you need more people please ask in faction chat if anyone else needs the same bh. Please check world chat and white chat in archosaur for additional players. Please be responsible for wines for a bh. Unless a player specifically asks for the drop be prepared to chip in for wines with either coins or mats. If you only have 1 boss in that bh - do NOT leave the party until all the bosses are killed unless the party says it is ok to. If for example, you are the tank and leave after the first boss the whole party is forced to leave or replace you. If you go into a bh without a cleric, please be aware of the risks. If a cleric is available to rez you in the case of a party wipe, please understand that they can't always get to you without help. The roaming mobs in bh51 heal themselves faster than most clerics can kill them.

10) Officers - NcN is not a Dictatorship. Everyone is invited to participate in the decision making and direction of the guild. If you would like to be an officer, please be active and talk to the leader, director or one of the marshals. A title is more than just a cute word above your players head. officers including executors are responsible for keeping the guild a fun place. Please attempt to resolve any issues in guild peacefully, recruit active fun members and assist the leader in any and all ways possible.
A position in the guild is a privilege not a right and can be taken away at any time.

11) Weekly Meetings - Please try to be online for meetings or read the minutes that are posted on the forum after each meeting. meetings will be held in teamspeak.


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